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"Shout out to the makers of the StrongFriends App, which enabled me to listen to Sweet Child of Mine while simultaneously capturing my top squat set on video today. It sounds like a small thing, but being able to maintain the tunes while filming is low key fire folks!"


Achieving the Results You Want

Starts with the Right Tools

No Shortcuts

No Gimmicks

Just a Smarter Way To Get Stronger

Exercise Tutorials

Text and video tutorials give you confidence in the gym and streamline your training.



Truly take control of your training with completely customizable exercises, workouts, and training schedule.


Available tools include a 1-rep max calculator, plate calculator, distance/time splits calculator, and a video recorder that doesn't stop your music.

The Best of the Best

All in ONE App

Designed by Athletes for Athletes


Schedule your training and log your nutrition all in one place with the built-in calendar


Text and video exercise tutorials so you can be confident in your technique


Easily share workouts with friends, clients, or coaches


Customize your training to best suit your schedule and your goals


Learn how to identify trends to program your training intelligently


Record your training to analyze technique or share on social media - without stopping your music.

Load Up

Know exactly how to load the bar with a built-in plate calculator based on the weights available to you


Track your macros to ensure you are fueling your body to get the most out of your training


How To Get Started


Get The App

Whether you're on Apple or Android, leave ads behind and focus on your training. StrongFriends is for YOUR progress, not blowing up your phone with ads.



Watch the Tutorial

We've created both iOS and Android app tutorials to help you get started strong.



Build your training into your calendar. Create the exact workouts and programs that best fit your needs.

If you're not sure where to start with your training, just send an email to zach@strongfriendstools.com with subject line "Where do I start?" and we will get you started on the right track.



Go into the gym armed with a plan so you can confidently and efficiently work toward your goals and track your progress.


Get Stronger

Do the work, get stronger.


Be proud of your progress knowing you didn't take the shortcuts. You didn't fall for the gimmicks. You embraced the grind, you did the work, and you EARNED the results.

How to tell if

 The StrongFriends App is for YOU

If you believe in working hard to EARN your results and you're sick of wasting time sorting through all of the quick-fix gimmicks and waste-of-time fitness BS out there...

If you've hit a plateau, want start improving again, and want to know WHY you are improving (and how you can continue improving)...

If you train using RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) or would like to learn how to...

If you're just  not sure where to start  with strength training and just want to work hard and get results...

If you're ready to get stronger, more confident, and  purposeful  with your training...

If you're looking for the most customizable, user-friendly, value packed powerlifting and strength training app available...

If you're a coach working with many athletes or coaching athletes at a distance...

If you like to work out with friends, share your workouts, and challenge each other to improve...


Then what are you waiting for?

Download the StrongFriends App now!


How To Properly Bench Press

The Bench Press is an extremely popular gauge of your overall strength that, unfortunately, few people are ever taught how to properly perform. Maximize your gains, perfect your technique, and avoid future injuries and further frustration by downloading our complete guide on How To Properly Bench.

Building a 300 Pound Bench Press Cover P