The Powerlifting App with RPE

Whether you're working towards new competitive

powerlifting PR's on your squat, bench press, and

deadlift, just starting out with barbells, or simply

trying to get stronger, stay mobile, and enjoy your

life well into old age, StrongFriends will help get

you there.

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 Get Stronger,

 Feel Better

Resistance training will make you stronger, more confident, and help you feel better overall.


Imagine how much more confident you would feel if you could just simply deadlift 50 more pounds than you can right now. Think about how much more resilient and healthy your back would be and how how much better it would feel.


Barbells can help replace your pain medication with a stronger, healthier, better adapted body to the demands of your life. But where do you start?


You start like you would start any project - with the right tools.


You start with StrongFriends.

With StrongFriends you can customize, execute, and track your training progress specific to YOUR goals - not blindly follow a useless cookie-cutter "quick-fix" program.  

Get Started Now

No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Just a smarter way to get stronger.

The App

The StrongFriends app was designed to help beginners get started while also offering experienced lifters the tools they need to succeed.

Included Tools:

Build Your Own Workouts

140+ Exercise Tutorials with Videos

Stretches and Yoga positions

Barbell Plate Calculator

Distance/Time Splits Calculator

1-REP Max Calculator

Create your own exercises

Workout Calendar

Share Workouts With Friends

Track your macros

 RPE Functionality

Circuits and Supersets

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The RPE Spreadsheet

Stop exercising - start training.

Have confidence in the effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability of your strength training programs and systematically build championship performance.

Included Tools:

Share Professional Looking Training Programs with Clients

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets

Utilize Rate of Exertion [RPE]

Nearly 70 Continuously Updating Graphs for Volume, Tonnage, Estimated 1- Rep Max, and Intensity

17 Customizable Exercise Types (Unlimited Exercises)

Log & Analyze 12 Weeks of Training at a Time

Up to 8 Training Sessions Per Week

Up to 6 Exercises Per Session

Up to 12 Sets Per Exercise

PDF Exports With One Click

Hide Unused Sets Before Printing

Library of Recommended Resources

Macronutrient Calculator Based on Goals

EASY AS 1,2,3


Download the StrongFriends App or the RPE spreadsheet.


Watch the corresponding Youtube tutorial below.


Start training with a purpose and fulfill your potential.

StrongFriends App Tutorial (Android)

Check out this YouTube tutorial to get you started strong with the Android StrongFriends App.

StrongFriends App Tutorial (iOS)

Check out this YouTube tutorial to get you started strong with the iOS StrongFriends App.

StrongFriends RPE Spreadsheet Tutorial

Sometimes Excel can be intimidating. This tutorial is designed to be your guide and allow you to hit the ground running.